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You Need To Read This

Okay, first of all, thank you for entering on this album. (: I just wanted to tell to the Indiana fans, that if you need a romantic but interesting movie, "Blue Lagoon - The Awakening" is the best one you can watch!! :) Emma's(Indiana) in the principal role, with Dean, her classmate. Emma is that kind of sensitive girl, but on that time a popular one. But Dean is that kind of guy who's always alone, focused on his work and things. Then, they'll be stucked on an island, learning how to survive by theirselves. WATCH IT! <3 :D

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PerfectlyImperfect 30 August 2012  
I've watched it 3 times already! Brenton Thwaites is hot, ok ! and Indiana is so perfect <3 Cuttest movie ever :3
xReadheadAriana 29 August 2012  
Okay , I'll make sure I will be watching it ♥
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