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Hello everyone. :) As you can see, I'm a huge fan of Indiana Evans, known as Bella of the Disney Channel original series "H2O Just Add Water". I love her since I saw her for the 1st time. I don't care if you hate her, but I honestly can't see any reason why. She's so beautiful, her voice rocks and her style is so girly and natural. I will always adore her! Okay so, I think I don't wanna bore you with a long description, so I'm gonna say goodbye! Keep checking back for more other news and albums. #hugs2you
Her blue eyes.
Her blue eyes.
That incredible smile! :3
That incredible smile! :3
Such a perfect body.
Such a perfect body.

Comments • 12
askStella 8 September 2012  
Aww . Sweety ur inspiration is perfect . Peoples tell her
'American Dream' if you know .
xReadheadAriana 29 August 2012  
Heyy sweetie . ♥
Indiana's very cute, I adore her blonde hair and blue eyes . <3
iAdoreMirandaC 28 August 2012  
IndianaEvansInfection 28 August 2012  
Hello, @iAdoreMirandaC.
lennalol 27 August 2012  
hei ! you are right , she is beautiful and i love her voice , too damnit and i love her body ☂
IndianaEvansInfection 28 August 2012  
Aye, @lennalol. :) Yeah, she's gorgeous!
askcyrus 27 August 2012  
oh hi there!Indiana is so beautiful.I love her eyes! hope you have a wonderful day,sweetheart!
IndianaEvansInfection 28 August 2012  
Hey, @askcyrus. Awww, thanks. (: Btw, you're so right by everything you said about Indiana.
MalinaKissYou 27 August 2012  
Heii <3
IndianaEvansInfection 28 August 2012  
Hello, @MalinaKissYou! (:
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